Mission and Vision Easter Tournament v.v.Baronie

Our mission

  • By organizing an annual International Youth Football Tournament during the Easter weekend, for the selection teams in the U12, U13 and U15 youth category of vv Baronie, this event must be one of the highlights for these players in the period that they are part of the Youth Education.
  • Through the participation of renowned professional football clubs from home and abroad, the recurring nature and the history that has been built up, the Easter Tournament must be known as a concept among football clubs in the Netherlands and the name of the association is hereby positively propagated.
  • By offering sponsors the opportunity to contribute to the quality of the design of the tournament, they are given the opportunity to commit to the Easter Tournament as a partner, so that their name is propagated locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally.

Our vision
The Commission strives to bring different sections together within the association in order to fulfill all the preconditions for a modern youth football tournament at a high quality level.
By continuously improving the tournament, both for the total organization and the participating associations, the participating clubs experience this as a well-oiled machine.
To achieve this, the committee is also looking outside the association for partners who want to commit to the tournament and want to distinguish themselves as sporty and socially involved. All possible PR instruments are used for this.

Challenging plan? Yes, but of course we want to achieve the highest within our capabilities.

v.v. Baronie
Easter Tournament Committee
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