Our Strategy

The Commission wants to involve parents / guardians from the youngest category in the organization of the tournament days within the association.
They need to realize that the grandeur and the historic character of the tournament are among the highlights of the youth academy.
To fulfill the conditions, the committee will offer openings at which all parents / guardians, but also other members of, for example, Baronie, can make their contributions, regardless of the form.
This great local awareness / involvement should make it possible to attract more and large sponsors who want to make a financial contribution to the sporting and social development of the youth of Baronie.
The tournament is thus used as the flagship of the Youth Training, whereby a possible positive balance within the association benefits the other youth teams.
We will, with the support of the board, pay more attention to the indispensable volunteers to participate in the tournament.
By combining qualities, we must be able to come to a shiny tournament that is known nationally and internationally and that has great appeal. Potential participants must displace to participate.