Tournament regulations

The following age-restrictions are applied for each category;

  • U12: players born in or after 2009
  • U13: players born in or after 2008
  • U15: players born in or after 2006

English teams are allowed to include players born after 31st of August in the year before above indicated, according to FA regulations.

All participating teams must provide a complete list of players to the tournament committee prior to the tournament with the name, date of birth, player’s number and registration number of the federation.

All teams will report the tenue colors prior to the tournament. All teams are obliged to provide a reserve outfit with a different color. If teams play against each other with similar color, then the first team mentioned in the game plan wears the reserve outfit.

The kick-off of the match is done by the first mentioned team. The other team can choose the defending goal.

A maximum of 20 players are allowed per team.

In the pool phase, each team plays each other once. After the pool phase two semi-finals, four matches for the final ranking and the final are played.

The opening of the tournament day takes place half an hour before to the first game and all players and staff members are expected to be present on the main pitch for the presentation of the teams.

The matches are played on two fields. Both fields have artificial grass. All players and staff must adjust the footwear accordingly. Only plastic studs are allowed. Participants with metal studs are excluded from further participation.

U12, U13 and U15 will play 11-a-side on a regular pitch.

The duration of the game is 1 half of 25 minutes. The tournament committee starts and ends each game with a central whistle. If the weather conditions provide a clear advantage or disadvantage, then the tournament committee will adjust the playing time at the beginning of the day to 2×12 minutes with 1 minute changeover time. Even then, the start and end of the halves will be called centrally.

A goal kick, will be taken:

  • for categories U12 and U13: 18 yards-line;
  • for category U15: 6 yards-line.

A corner kick, will be taken:

  • for categories U12 and U13: from the mark on the goal line 10 yards of the corner flag;
  • for category U15: from the corner flag.

A maximum of 5 substitutes are allowed per game. When a player is substituted, he cannot return back into the field by a new substitution during the same game.

If, within the group, the teams end with the same amount of points, then the final classification will be determined by, successively:

  • 1. goal difference
  • 2. the number of goals scored
  • 3. the result of the mutual match decides
  • 4. a penalty shootout, according to rule 15

After the pool phase, all matches ended in a draw are decided by a penalty shootout of 3 attempts. A toss will decide who will start the series. The referee determines which goal is used. The other players take place on the center line.
If there is still a draw after 3 penalties, a penalty kick will be taken, until a difference is reached. The penalties are taken by different players. After 11 penalties, substitutes may also be included and / or proceeded from the start. (The penalties do not count in for the top scoring standings).

All matches are led by KNVB (the Dutch Football Association) referees. With 2 neutral assistant referees who act as linesmen. Each team must facilitate one back-up linesman.

When a player receives a direct red card, he is excluded for 1 or 2 extra matches, after evaluation by the tournament committee. When a player receives a second yellow card within the tournament, he is excluded for 1 match. Each additional card is a further exclusion.

Appeal against the sanctions (maps, exclusions, etc.) is not possible.

In each category, in addition to a prize for the winning team, a prize is given to the best player and the best goalkeeper. There is also a prize for the top scorer of the tournament. The referees register the numbers of the goal scorers during the matches.

vvBaronie is not liable for any damage or theft of possessions of participants, supervisors or public at the location.

The ceremony takes place immediately after the last game. All participants must present themselves during the ceremony on the main field.

In all cases where these rules do not provide, the tournament committee decides. For any doubts or more information about the rules and regulations, please contact the tournament committee in advance.